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Connectivity for developers

Partner with us, and connect your development to the Openserve broadband access network
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Let an Openserve specialist guide the way

Developing with Fibre in mind requires very early planning, and keeping to exact specifications. Openserve provides specialists who assist developers, and guides them through all the necessary steps.

Our specialists help you get works underway sooner, ensuring new development designs/installations are built right first time, and to the correct standards.

Developing a new property

Complete an Openserve New Developments application for all new developments at least six months prior to occupancy.

Plan early with your building partners.


Use our online form and we will contact you to begin the process.


Have Openserve perform necessary site inspections.


Design and build to Openserve standards.


Complete your build and submit your as-build design to our specialist team.


Openserve installation and network testing.

Your development is now connected to our broadband network! Residents can now order an internet service package from their preferred internet service provider.
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Popular solutions for new developments

To view more information about our solutions, explore our products and services

Modifying Openserve infrastructure

You’re able to apply to have Openserve assets or infrastructure altered, relocated, removed or protected.
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It’s important to note that by law, only Openserve and our authorised contractors may work on Openserve assets and infrastructure.
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It’s best to apply early and provide Openserve with as much advance notice of your plans as possible.
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This applies to the removal or relocation of Openserve assets and infrastructure within your property boundary.
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Note that various factors are taken into consideration when assessing the location and environment.
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Connect my development or modify the infrastructure

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