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About Fibre

What is Fibre, and what are the benefits?

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A connected home is where all the right connections happen

Fibre gets its name from the high-speed Fibre optic cables used in our high-speed broadband network. This technology brings great benefits and opens up a whole new world of connectivity to your home, for work play and education.

Why Fibre?

Fibre technology is future-proof high speed broadband technology that allows you to create a fully connected smart home and change the way you do life, work and education.

Fibre gives you unlimited benefits and access to fast, reliable internet connectivity.

High-quality, uninterrupted streaming

Really fast download and upload speeds

Reliable and consistent connections

Low-latency, responsive online gaming

How do Fibre internet speeds work?

Broadband internet is all about speed. There are a variety of options and factors that determine what kind of speed you may have available to you, as well as which speed plan may be best for you.
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Connect your home, small-to-medium sized business or estate to high-speed broadband
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Connect your home

Fibre to the home (FTTH) for work, play and education

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Connect your business

Empowering businesses large and small to do more for less

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Connect your estate

Broadband connectivity for complexes and estates

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Connect your customers

Our wide range of connectivity solutions for resellers

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